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Defer and Diversify with a 721 ExchangeUPREIT Transaction | Beautyshot
discover this little-known IRS Tax-mitigation strategy

Many investment property owners are familiar with the 1031 exchange, which allows owners to defer capital gains tax on the sale of investment or business property. 

But the lesser-known Section 721 of the Internal Revenue Code also allows for the deferral of capital gains by contributing real property for interests in an operating partnership of a REIT.

In this Inland Insights, you’ll discover how a 721 Exchange works and the potential investor benefits, which include:

  • Diversification
  • Liquidity
  • Estate Planning
  • Hands-Off Investing

Defer and Diversify with a 721 Exchange/UPREIT Transaction

Investors looking for ways to defer capital gains tax while diversifying their portfolio may turn to an Internal Revenue Code Section 721 exchange tax mitigation strategy

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