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CRE Strategies Navigate Market Cycles

Our latest Inland Insights: CRE Strategies to Navigate Market Cycles, highlights three property types that have outperformed others over 15 and 20-year periods. Market drivers suggest they may continue performing well through a late-cycle market.

  • Healthcare/Senior Living

The healthcare/senior living sector’s strong historical performance is driven by the demand for delivering healthcare outside the traditional hospital setting and by an aging U.S. population. 

  • Self-Storage 

Demand for self-storage is driven by life events including marriage, divorce, birth, death, relocation, and the need for extra space, all of which occur regardless of the economic environment. 

  • Residential/Multifamily 

People will always need a place to live. In fact, the demand for residential real estate continues to grow as people are looking for affordable housing options such as renting versus owning a home. 


Navigating Real Estate Market Cycles

These Strategies are Worth a Closer Look

Commercial real estate is cyclical and is often influenced by the broad economic cycle. Demand typically reacts to various conditions presented by the market.

Not all commercial real estate assets perform the same, however. In fact, a few sectors have historically demonstrated stronger fundamentals throughout multiple economic cycles as compared to other asset classes.


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